We help property owners solve their vacancy situation.

You have a vacant property, but it’s unrentable in its current state.

You don’t want to invest in repairs, deal with tenants or headache lease agreements. You need it occupied ASAP to avoid the empty homes tax and generate income, so you just need the problem solved.

We’re Property Sage, your vacancy solution.

We have saved homeowners tens of thousands on Vacancy Taxes, repair costs, and management fees while providing them with steady rental income.

With shifting city building permits, tenancy regulations, and a home’s diminished condition, it can be a challenge to find tenants. If you think your rental window is too short, or the house is beyond repair, we want to solve your problem.

Property Sage is your empty home solution. A tenant, a manager, and repairman, all baked into one.

Rent to Property Sage and secure cash-flow without having to worry about repair costs or management fees. Our team will complete all the necessary repairs to create a safe and comfortable home. These updates are provided at our own expense.

We rent properties throughout Vancouver using our full service program providing you with a simple, stress-free tenant solution.

After completing repairs we sign qualified tenants to a fixed term sub-lease coinciding with your timeline. We handle all property duties and deliver the house back to you on the exact date needed.

Rent your property directly to us.

Fixed term lease options starting at 6 months.

You won’t pay any repair costs or management fees.

Everything is built in to the secured rental income we pay you.

Earn steady rental income with full tax savings without any home repairs, we’ll be the best tenants you’ve ever had!

Let’s Run The Numbers

Vancouver Property Manager

Let’s assume you are 9 months away from beginning your renovation or demolition.
Potential rental income: $3800/mth
Necessary upgrades and repair downtime: $15,000

Property valued at:  $1,581,000

3% Vancouver Empty Home Tax $47,430
0.5% BC Speculation Tax $7,905
Total Tax Cost: $55,335
Hiring a traditional property manager
Leasing directly to Property Sage
Tax Liability $55,355 $55,355
Rental Income + $30,400 + $14,800
Management Fees – $5,548 Incl.
Repairs $15,000 Incl.
Net income  $9,852 $14,800
Tax Savings $55,355 $55,355
Total Financial Benefit

Not including considerations & benefits outlined below



X Property Management groups avoid short leases or charge a premium with no tenant guarantee.

X Contractors & trades are difficult to acquire for smaller jobs, charge steeply, and can have long wait times.

X Owner must have city building permits before issuing a 4-month notice to vacate.



✔️ Distressed houses and shorter leases accepted with secured rent and tenants.

✔️ Property is being restored and managed by certified professionals at no additional cost.

✔️ Fixed term lease ensuring the house is vacant on your schedule.


Land Developers – Many properties are empty and un-rentable as they have been run down by previous occupants. We are proficient at repairing properties with licensed tradesmen in a timely manner. The costs of updates and repairs are assumed by us. After completing repairs we sign qualified tenants to a fixed term sub-lease coinciding with your timeline. We handle all property duties and deliver the house back to you on the exact date needed.

Owners Preparing for Construction – Vancouver building permits may take a year to obtain, forcing you to pay the Speculation and Vacancy tax if it’s unoccupied. As your primary tenant, we work with your schedule. If your timeline extends we can usually continue the agreement until construction begins. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have secured steady rental income stream while waiting for permits.

Investment Property – As your primary tenant we assume the cost and care of repairs, cosmetic updates, and furnishings, to create medium-to-long term accommodations. Our consistent presence on the property ensures it is monitored with high integrity. Enjoy hassle-free rent while saving thousands in Empty Homes Tax.

Each property is unique and will require different levels of attention. Typically, as your tenant we will assume the cost and take care of:

Restoration and Cosmetic Updates: We will provide the minor labour to get your space liveable and safe. Yes, that includes toilet repairs, leaky faucets, painting etc.

Cleaning Service: High attention to regular professional cleaning prolongs the life expectancy of appliances, furniture, and fixtures.

Routine Walkthroughs: With regular visits we build rapport with our tenants, , ensuring the home is being maintained.

Fixed Term Tenancy: Whether you’re on a renovation schedule or need the property back for your own personal needs, our agreement ensures the property is vacated when you need it.

No, not at all. When you lease to Property Sage we become your tenant. You’ll secure rental income without having to worry about repair costs or management fees. Everything is built into the secured rental income we pay you. Our team will complete all the necessary repairs to create a safe and comfortable home. You will collect our monthly rent on time, every time.

At the signing of the lease, we become your primary tenant. After completing repairs, we secure qualified tenants to a fixed-term sub-lease coinciding with your timeline. The fixed-term sub-lease ensures property will be vacated exactly as agreed upon.

It is important that we sub-lease to qualified subtenants in need of a long term primary residence so you can avoid paying the Speculation Tax. We typically sublease to taxpaying Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


Sage is an amazing person, he’s on the ball and easy to work with. He’s taken great care in managing my houses for me for the past 5 years and has made things hassle free. I’ve had great tenants, clean grounds and rent like clockwork - what more could I ask for!
I strongly recommend you give Sage a call, he’s one of the easiest people to talk to!

Pierre Nasr

Sage had managed my properties in a professional manner. He promptly attended to the maintenance issues in the property. The rent is always paid on time. When issue arises, Sage is always open and cooperative in our discussion to resolve the problem.

Tony Leung

Working with Sage has been an excellent experience.  He helped me update my investment property in a timely fashion and acquire amazing tenants.  Saved me a lot of time and money.  I would not hesitate to work with Sage again.

Ian James

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